out comes the sun…

This being our first full year of flower faming, I planted late-blooming tulips at the very end of the possible planting season, so we’d have something encouraging and green growing while we did all the hard prep work in spring. Watching them grow has been an encouraging delight – and I can’t get over the amazing shapes…


The different varieties have such different, beautiful leaf forms:


And now the rain has slowed, Bill and my mum and I have been out making beds, moving soil, digging, raking, checking seedlings. One member of the team only comes out if the sun is shining, the ambient air temperature reaches comfortable levels, and his feet can’t possibly get wet …Boots, the fairweather farmdog…


And while he keeps an eye out, I fill the wheelbarrow one more time…

symphony in brown


And when I’m done, one last look at the tulips…but what’s this?

brussel parrot

My first thought is that it’s an avant-garde brussel sprout – but my second is, that not’s what I ordered. That and its 99 neighbours is well on its way to being a parrot tulip – which I didn’t order. So an edge of extra excitement is added to my tulip watch – what is this going to be when it’s all grown up? Stay tuned.

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